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First step: choose the audience
You gotta tell me who the audience is -- eg,
(a) The stressed out IT manager who is late and over-budget
(b) The frustrated line (business) manager who doesn't have a clue of what is going on but is increasingly convinced it's FUBAR

Second step: choose the message
What are you trying to do with the tag line?
> Tell'em what you do (a description)
> Grab your audience's attention to read more (a teaser)
> Give'em a sense of who you are (a metaphor)

Note that I'd strongly recommend the "mess" tagline if your audience is the IT guy since the last thing he can ever do is admit things are messed up.

But, the line mgr wil probably bite "mess" hook, line and sinker

* * *

My current tendency is to use metaphors. Who are you to the client?
> Like a surveyor before a building renovation
> Like a nanny for the clueless IT folks
> Like a wise old men who will share his limitless experience to help the young, fool at heart?

Bill Rattner

Preventing fecal matter from hitting oscilating muli-blade device(s).

A nifty little tagline that cojures up the Dilbert-level debacles that everyone (management and line workers) wish to avoid.

Morris Young

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