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I had an e-mail back and forth encounter with Arthur on this very subject. He informed me that he feels it’s his obligation to “out” the snake oil salesman and save the face of vaccines. I let him know how insulting he is being to the parents, of whom I am one of, as inadequate in forming their own opinions/conclusions and doing their own research. I decided to stop the back and forth because it was futile. Although some of his words became labeled with sweet tones for my predicament, they were sarcastic and disrespectful. I am not a claimant on any legal suit, I have no financial stake, I fight to remove mercury from all vaccines and wherever else it may lie because I watched my child descend into the complex world of Autism due to his vaccines. These children are quite sick physically (loaded with heavy metal toxicity, pathogens, viruses) not just children with “quirks”. The physical illness partners the decline into Autism. The parents of my community are more than competent, intelligent and experienced to choose the paths that best suit their children. It’s much more of a Lorenzo’s Oil pursuit than a “sue happy” clan wishing to make anyone pay. These are serious issues our children are facing. We are a community of parents with unbridled passion fighting for our children and yours…Thank you for pointing out the obvious inadequacies of Allen’s unfounded writings.

Tim Kasemodel

Allen tells us that we parents "have fallen prey to "confirmation bias" - a human tendency to emphasize all evidence that supports a previously held belief and discount all evidence against it."

If that were true, I would have found evidence to support my previously held belief that the FDA or CDC would never allow a known neurotoxin to be injected into my babies unless it was clinically tested and proven safe. The fact is all the evidence I could find showed me that the FDA, CDC and the medical establishement is concerned more for their own ego and bottom line than for our children.

That goes for the Doctors as well. They are fooled into accepting that trace amounts of mercury still being given to kids today are "equal to mercury free" - well, isn't that nice.... If we were talking about lead or PCB's would they still be defending it as a vaccine ingredient?

Tim Kasemodel
Wayzata, MN

Kristina Chew

Cheap rhetorical tricks can also be found in writing by David Kirby, in the Huffington Post, and by Dan Olmsten, in his "Age of Autism" series with UPI.

Autism Vox

Kristina Chew

Apologies; I meant to type "Olmsted."

Autism Vox

Anne Lace

While I feel that vaccines components are culprit in childhood disorders that are increasing, I would love for the government to end the Kirby and Allen debates but doing ONE THING. Just open the Vaccine Safety Database that is currently cut-off from the public but is paid by public funds. We would not have to have a congresswoman from California try to get a bill pass, to look at vaccinated and unvaccinated children (even though I think that would be valuable).


1 ppb mercury = Damages body's ability to excrete Hg (Parran et al., Toxicol Sci 2005).

2 ppb mercury = US EPA limit for drinkable water.

20 ppb mercury = Developing snail neurons damaged & killed by inorganic mercury (Leong et al. NeuroReport. 2001); and both human skin & notocord tissues damaged (Morton et al., JAMA 1948)

20 ppb mercury = Dendritic cells damaged, calcium channels interrupted (UC-Davis MIND Institute, 2006).

200 ppb mercury = Mercury level in liquid EPA labels "hazardous waste."

600 ppb mercury = Some "trace" level infant vaccines.

1,000 ppb mercury = Hepatitis B vaccine given at birth.

4,000 ppb mercury = 0.25-mL injections of Thimerosal-containing vaccines (FDA CBER's definition of "trace").

50,000 ppb mercury = "Preservative" level mercury in flu, meningococcal and Tetanus vaccines to kids 7 and older.

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The Washington Post would note in 1981 that during the Warren Court era, lawyers who wanted a Bazelon opinion upheld would do well to mention the judge's name as many times as possible in their briefs... "One mention of this name was worth 100 pages of legal research."

Bazelon became a primary source of Justice Brennan's law clerks

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