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Sad that merely suggesting such a study evokes a shrill reflexive protest from some who cannot comprehend that a well-intentioned vaccine may have an unintended negative effect. SV-40, Guillain-Barre, lupus and metals poisoning dismissed and replaced with horrific imges of 1950s polio victims. As if one catastrophe negates the other... a false argument.

Some utilitarian ethicists waive individual rights in favor of their perception of "greater good." But I don't see the good of children unnecessarily brain-damaged by ethylmercury, when studies of similar forms show at 1 ppb it kills human neuroblastoma cells (Parran et al., Toxicol Sci 2005) and at 20 ppb damages dendritic cells and interrupts calcium channels (UC-Davis MIND Institute, 2006). Most parents would say their children's brain cells are worth the price of a Happy Meal to get a mercury-free vaccine.

Examining vaccine safety is not equivalent to condemning vaccines, yet the odd pejorative "antivaxxer" is a favorite straw man argument popping up online. Americans are encouraged to research automobiles thoroughly before buying one, and get anecdotal evidence from peers. Yet when it comes to vaccines, we're urged to sit down, shut up and roll up our sleeves without question. Lack of transparency does not instill consumer confidence.

Informed consent demands full disclosure of facts in order to weigh risks and benefits. It's not comforting to learn that one prominent vaccine developer defines "safe" much more loosely than does Webster's Dictionary.

How can medical treatments progress if some procedures are considered sacrosanct, untouchable? By disabling media gatekeepers, the financial goals of industry appear to have supplanted the health needs of people. Whether children can safely handle the ever-increasing vaccination schedule has not been thoroughly tested by independent experts.

The CDC's immunization program would benefit from investing in real, meaningful aftercare for victims of vaccine injury. Look at marketing anecdotes about the sales effects of dissatisfied customers… 94% don’t inform the company, 91% don’t use the product again, and each one relates the dissatisfaction to 20 potential customers.

This week a Minnesota girl’s horrific evisceration in a swimming pool drain renewed calls for passage of last year’s House bill on drain cover maintenance. How tragic that hundreds of thousands of mercury-damaged children don’t seem to be enough to pass the Weldon/Maloney Vaccine Safety and Public Confidence Assurance Act of 2007.


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