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I made this little thing on my site

From Bruce Bawer’s site:

“A book of the utmost importance, full of deep concern for Europe and almost unbelievable revelations for most Americans.”
– Booklist

“Europeans would do well to heed Mr. Bawer’s advice and open their eyes.”
– Abraham H. Foxman, National Director, Anti-Defamation League Book-title:

“While Europe Sleep - How Radical
Islam Destroy the West From Within”
He documents that the 40 p.c. of the muslims in Britain crave for sharia.
Order his book. You know for sure it will not be translated to any Nordic language like books on the most topical issue as well. Books cost 5-8 times less in Britain than in Denmark.



Hi Bruce,
I've just begun to read yr latest book, just on p 34, "While Europe Slept"

I wish to give you a BIG THANK YOU for writing this information. It is all just ~Amazing~.
I'm not sure exactly how to contact you to tell u this, so I hope u do receive my 'net msg. Brenda G, Norfolk, VA USA

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