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If you're going to delete posts on the basis that they may not agree 100% with you, at least be honest about that so people don't waste their time putting effort into an intelligent reply to your posting..

Also: questioning Israel is not "anti-semitism". Using that as a response to something you don't like is just an excuse for being unable to come up with anything intelligent to say.


Read a few of your posts - including Gaarder pt 1 and 2. So far I've understood you think Gaarder's an anti-semite, a "vile bigot," etc. Seeing as you've read Gaarder's co-ed in Aftenposten and taken the pain to translate it into English, I can only assume you know his text well. So would it be too much to ask that you substantiate your claims on Gaarder and his co-ed?

Like it or not, Gaarder is doing precisely that: he tries to substantiate his claims (he does so in the actual co-ed). Of course, one doesn't have to agree with him (obviously he expects reactions), but there is dignity in saying w h y one think something is wrong. And Gaarder does that. He has this dignity.

You don't.


And Gaarder does that. He has this dignity.
There were some people of dignity: Aman, Ahmadinedjad, Adolf Hitler. That poor Norwegian is a minor value...

Sweetie Candy Land

"but secondarily to liberate Lebanon from a foreign occupying power." by saying this about Hizbullah wich is a party in Lebanon its adherer are Lebanese Shiites, makes me support the article even further. Seems that your arrogance have no limits.

The article is sound and that is precisely why it is depriving you of sleep, as well enjoying time with your wife and kids.

Millions have been deprived from enjoying their families, all because of a racist ideology called " Zionism" that is doomed to failure like many other ideologies. I will like to assure you that Judaism and its adherer are here to stay.

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