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Richard Thompson

It is good to know that there are thinking people in the world.


Might also help to stop killing UN peacekeepers.

Not Justified

"Israel has to be able to explain its targeting, again and again if necessary."

Yep: "we destroyed the powerstation to stop the captured soldiers being taken out of the country".. aah, how is that justified?

Bombing roads and bridges, yet then demanding anyone in the south get out or else they're fair game.. Oh, and then bombing busses on the convoy..

This is about as winnable as "the war on terror" in that the more you fight it, the more innocent people will die and the more resentment will grow.. You'll never kill all the fighters, because if you kill a large number of them, the rest will simply bleed back into society and come back again with all the sons of families that were killed the last time Israel was trying to clean up the enemy.
Diplomacy is the only way this will get solved.

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