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All Norwegians speak a dialect? Pray tell, how is that possible. Ok, probably we can agree to disagree on whether the dialect of the western Oslo disctrict plus the surrounding suburbs is in reality a dialect or not. But to pose that all Norwegians speak a dialect seems to pose further that dialects are only variations of a language. As such you confuse sociolects with dialects. The language of kids between 13-19 in eastern Oslo, with, for instance, varieties of words from foreign language, is in many ways quite different from how many of them will speak ten years later. As such it is a sociolect and not a dialect. And so on...


A dialect is, by definition, a variety of language used by people from a particular geographic area. To the extent that their geographic region determines their spoken language, they speak a dialect. You could argue that "stasjonsspråk" was a sociolect, but this hardly exists any more.

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