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Simon Enefer

The issue in London today is fear! It must be faced.

Each citizen of London must face their personal fear and try and carry on as normally as possible.

The Government must face its fear of unpopularity and admit its failure. It must commit itself to measures that should have been taken in the aftermath of 9/11. It must remove those preachers who have abused the hospitality of this country and so recruited the terrorists who carried out this attack. No legal barrier must prevent this. Our borders must be controlled and the right of entry treated as the privilege it is. Mosques and those who teach in them must be regulated and if necessary closed. Trained border personnel and intelligence on the ground, not ID cards, will be our best defence.

The Islamic community must acknowledge that some of its members committed these terrible acts. Its leaders must face this fear. The community must demand and support stricter security measures and controls. They must accept the burden of inconvenience and suspicion that will be the price of defending the country whose protection and hospitality they enjoy. They must bear it without compliant and accept that it is their duty as citizens to expose those who have trained in Al-Queda’s Afghan camps or hold extremist Islamic views.

The media, Judiciary and liberal elite must accept the true nature of the threat we face. Reporters, Judges and Commentators must face their fear and accept that their Politically correct attitudes have directly contributed to the circumstance that allowed yesterdays attack to take place. They should consider today those whose lives who will never be the same as a result of bereavement and mutilation and accept their portion of blame and resolve to demand resolute and immediate action from the government.

Fear is the issue today. It is our battleground and only by facing it will we gain victory.

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