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Boy, that's some impressive liberal snivelling. Gonna cry for us too? Why don't you grab your nuts, or a friend's if you don't have any, and realise that bad people want to kill us and mommy can't make it all better with a bowl of granola and a bedtime story. Pussy libs disgust me.


...."and a people more unlike Norwegians than Texans."

You got that right. Thank God we aren't like Norwegians or we would have surrendered on 9/11 to the Islamofascists. Dhimmitude isn't our style. We also don't find the tolerance of Islamic intolerate a virtue. Norway will be Islamic in a few generations the Muslim birth rate and lack of desire to defend Western culture will take its course. Denigrating Americans who prefer to have a different destiny is a cheap shot.

And there is no scandal regarding Rove. He broke no laws or ethics. He uncovered no CIA agent. Her husband did. You don't seem to know or understand the details.

Also, sweetie, as you seem to have an opinion about Texas, have you ever been to Texas? Lived there? Talked to Texans across a wide spectrum? Have a clue as to American culture outside of Hollywood and European leftist papers?

Just curious.

Penny......a native New Mexican, almost as "notorious" as Texas and proud of it!



I'm a Norwegian who just visited Texas, having a great time. Texans didn't at all act like these warmongering rednecks writing dimwitted comments. The Houston Rodeo was far out by any standards (salute to the troops in Iraq, entering the stadium in a hummer - probably sponsored by the military, though), but most Texans were kind and helpful in every way. Too bad the general European public only get to see the Texan nutcases in the media...

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