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The Schiavo case is a very complicated moral dilemma on several levels. You mentioned the method of death, starvation/dehydration, and that is a big one. I think we all would like to go out in a similar manner to your grandfather (I am making some assumptions here so please forgive me if I am not accurate about your or his situation), after a long life we die peacefully in our sleep. Starvation and dehydration are probably not the kind of death many would want. Personally, I think that if the decision has been made to kill Terri then it should be done quickly with an injection.

I won’t comment on your not understanding the position taken by the "culture of life" crowd, mostly because I also fail to understand exactly what the phrase and philosophy means myself.

I will say, that what makes me sympathetic to the "Save Terri" cause are two things. One: She has parents and a family that are willing to bear the financial and emotional burden of keeping her alive and giving her therapy. Why not just let the family care for her? Two: The fact that she has to be starved/dehydrated to death is something I find problematic. If she were attached to some machine that if unplugged would kill her immediately, I might feel differently. In other words her body is essentially sound and has to be killed off because it wont die without subjecting it to conditions that would kill any living person.

Ultimately, if she clearly would have wanted to die I think there would be no controversy here. But what gets people worked up is the notion that if she would have wanted to continue to live, is what is now happening murder? Tough issue for sure.

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