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I think you might be on to something when you say that Conservatives are more likely to have a personal hatred for their opponents on the left. On the international scene Conservatives view Chavez and Castro as the root cause of strained relations not the Venezuelan or Cuban people. Nationally it is Michael Moore, Ted Kennedy and other cartoonish personalities that are reviled more so than people from, say, the North East or West coast.

Conversely, I would further speculate that leftists tend to have a more generalized dislike for the populations that disagree with their politics while not necessarily the individuals. Leftists see broad groups like Christians, Southerners and/or Bourgeoisies as their political opponents and don't invest as much venom on individuals.

I would argue it is the tendency to see whole populations as political foes that has led to the worst horrors of Leftists totalitarianism; the Cultural Revolution, Cambodia's killing fields and Stalin’s purges. But then again slaughter is all over the face of human history; it happened before there were such things as leftists and tragically will probably continue long after no one knows what that is anymore.

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