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First, I think you are oversimplifying way too much here. People moving to the right politically in Kansas is not a local phenomenon. People are moving to the right all across the country. I haven't read the book but the title should maybe be What's the Matter with America.

Second, I am confused: Are Kansans afraid of a world that is moving too fast or are they afraid of the hyper-sexuality in Hollywood? I think these are different things, or is promoting a promiscuous or gay lifestyle in the media synonymous with progressing too fast culturally? I think you can oppose promiscuity and the gay agenda without being a hopeless rube, afraid of a world that is leaving you behind.

Remember change is not always progress.



The book takes Kansas as an example of what is going on around America, and I use Sex and the City as an example of what appears to drive the "cons" crazy. Of course it's a simplification, but less so than the notion that Hollywood promotes a "gay lifestyle," whatever that means.


Interesting. To be sure Hollywood liberals and sexual content in the media (gay or otherwise) is topic that will raise the blood pressure of most cons or ultra-conservatives or born again Christians, etc. Personally, I find TV sex boring and the characters that identify themselves based on thier sexuality are also boring. Actually, real life people that identify themselves based largly on their race or sex or sexuality are uninteresting.

My point was that, there are many people that would not normally be considered "cons" who are not comfortable with the level of sexual content being shown on TV. I am thinking of partents, like myself, mostly.

Mark Amerman


Statistics are not causation but there's a remarkable correlation
that emerged (actually it's probably been there for some time)
in the recent American election. If you take a state and look
at the percentage of people who are married and the number of
white children per capita then those two items correlate to
the 95% confidence level with what percentage of voters will
vote republican.

It's a consistent relation across every state in the union.

If you're married you're likely to vote Republican; if you
have children you're even more likely to vote Republican and
if you take the two together you can more or less exactly
predict the percentage of the population voting Republican.

Remarkable isn't it?

Some of the explanations you read about the differences between
the two groups, Democrats and Republicans, are self-serving
figments of someone's imagination, but this above, whatever
it means, is the real thing.

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