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Eloquent and well-reasoned. If your wife works, there may be a possibility (in addition to her own personal aesthetic) that she has discovered that one's success in the current businessworld, to a fairly significant extent, also depends on some degree of cleavage (pun intended?) to cultural beauty norms; e.g., practicing female attorneys strongly admonished by their superiors to wear skirted suits to court when appearing before more conservative (particularly male) judges - that is, if they want to win their cases and not end up cited for contempt. (Yes, it happens.)

I have often thought that the feminist movement would do well to articulate that concern as opposed to lapsing into the "I just do" response to the question "why would you want to look good" - leaving themselves incomprehensibly open to that most demeaning of epithets as "irrational emotional women." Bleah.

Again, a most well-reasoned and empathetic commentary. Please have yourself and your friends that are sympathetic to this line of argument cloned.

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