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If you have lived in Norway then you know how norwegians like to exagerate about everything, like for example. Oh how their politicians can never be corrupt or how their medical system is perfect or how Norway is the best country in the world!(YEAH RIGHT!) and how democratic this stupid country is and how racism does not exist in Norway. These people have what i like to call the "little people complex" where since they are so few in number and insignificant they try to create ways to make themselves sound greater than they actually are. This is a country and society based upon lies and it's their children who pay for it! If from childhood you are fed lies that you live in the best country in the world, then you tend to become lazy and do nothing to improve your "perfect" country.

I've been living in this hell-hole called Bergen for a year and a half now and i'm so sick of their arrogance and stupidity and indeed their racism towards anyone who does not smell like fish or sheep.

What you described up there was clearly the pathetic norwegian attitude where they jumped in and said "WE TOO HAVE LOST THOUSANDS TO THE TSUNAMI!" i could almost swear some of them wished that their dead were so numerous just so they could get some damn attention.

Greetings from the "dark" western coast of Norway!

An Israeli in Bergen

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