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Øyvind, Bergen

Doesn't it? *chock*

Well, you have a point when it comes to the leftists anyway, not that I'm so sure we pinkies are any worse when it comes to smoking than other groups in the society, but hey - if there is one evidence of how corrupt capitalism can become, it is the tobacco industry.


Jonathan Edelstein

Nice post. I believe Sistani has made a similar argument that smoking violates Islamic law.


According to UK gov stats in 1948 82% of all UK men smoked. In 1994 only 28% of men smoked and that number has pretty much held steady since then. Interestingly this data suggests that roughly 30% of the population will become addicted to cigarettes if given access to them. If that 30% number holds for a long time one would have to wonder if that 30% is genetically programmed in someway to become addicted to smoke. The most interesting coloration is between socio economic status and the proclivity to smoke. In a word, the poor smoke more than the rich. Why this is the case has never been explained to me.

So how do these statistics tie into Leftists and haredi Jews? Perhaps Leftists and Haredi Jews are disproportionately poor and thus more prone to tobacco addiction? But even if we accept this, it still leaves unanswered the question of why poor folk smoke more than rich.


I'm not suggesting that radical leftists or haredi are more likely to smoke than others - I have no reason to believe they do. Rather I'm curious about the fact that some of them smoke at all, since smoking would seem to violate principles they claim to hold dearly.

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