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TM Lutas

You say that we're not saving for the rainy day (or decades) ahead. This model implies that at some point the rain stops and outflows fall below inflow. As far as I can tell, none of the actual actuarial tables assembled by the SS boards has come up with a day when it will ever be back in the black without considerable changes in the way the program is administered. The rainy day model is inappropriate, unless you wish to reference Noah.

The big mistake Kinsley makes is that he excludes the 2 odd trillion we have under government management from his calculations. Republicans have long known that you get someone to invest and they become much more likely to think capitalist *and* vote Republican. The political calculation explains a lot of the ardor on both sides of the SS reform question, massive partisan political advantage is under discussion too.

If you think that government assets could be managed better and would be managed better by an electorate with an eye to returns and profit, there's a significant source of improved performance available in both managing government spending better as well as reducing drag on the private sector from stupidly thought through regulation.

As for President Bush, he's a master at seeming dumber than he looks and he works at looking dumb. Objectively looking at his career, this dumb guy has had an amazing political career with extraordinary policy achievements. It wasn't dumb luck, but a savvy brain that tends to see the heart of the matter and get the big decisions right time after time. Like him and the direction he's pushing this country, he'll be recognized by history os one of the most consequential presidents ever. Don't count on him not knowing exactly what he's doing on SS reform.


have a poem on this subject----I will post it if requested


have a poem on this subject----I will post it if requested

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