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Gard L. Aabakken

The Miami Herald recounts the votes in counties in north Florida were reg. dems outnumber reg. reps by about 3-1, but where the election results were almost completely the other way around..

"The conclusion: No conspiracy."

Why? "''They're not going to vote for a Northeast liberal,'' said Lafayette County Judge Harlow Land, director of the county canvassing board."

It has been suggested, by writers like Dick Morris at the Hill, that the exit polls weren`t only wrong, they were manipulated, with intention of becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.


Well, it all comes down to which conspiracy theory you want to believe: that the exit pollsters, whose livelihood depends on predicting the actual outcome, tried to affect the election; or that it just so happened that every statistical analysis points to voter fraud.

Dick Morris is actually making the opposite point of what he intends to: if there is foul play, it is more likely to have taken place as a result of a CEO who vowed to "deliver" Florida for Bush.

John Clements

My first thought upon hearing of the exit poll error was that people were ashamed to admit they had voted for Bush. I still think that is true.

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