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Gunnar, Maryland

>> My point is this: Kerry is no less an idealist, and possibly more of one

Unbelievable statement. He is anti-american at the core. That's the only thing is consistent about. He was dishonorably discharged, committed treason by talking to the enemy during war time, and implementing their plan to undermine the war, slandered american servicemen serving in vietnam, gave aid and comfort to the enemy which was used against POWS, consistently lied about his heroics: his commanding officer turned him down for a medal for a scratch, so he filled his own paperwork and sent it in, won't release his records, consistently opposed every defense bill and weapon system that America used to win the cold war, iraq, and terrorism. 20 years in the senate, and hardly anything to show for it. No significant bills.

Flip flopping on almost every issue, and you call him an idealist. Amazing...


Ah, yes, the Ann Coulter school of politics: anyone who disagrees with us is anti-American, treasonous, and foolish, too.

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