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Gunnar, Maryland

>> But the American political scene nevertheless needs to get fixed

two points, the president can't do pork. That's congress. Second point, where did the above statement come from? There is no support for it in your post. I can't imagine what you think needs to be fixed? It's democracy in action. It's a good thing.

The only thing I can see that needs to be fixed is that both parties use gerry-mandering to ensure that house seats are all safe. Districts are drawn in crazy ways to collect their voters. Next, they will start using 3 dimensional districts that disappear under ground and pop up to grab a single house in neighborhood. We need a rule about the geometry of districts, but it's not clear how it would happen. Congress would never pass it.


Ehhh... the Republicans have a majority in Congress, and Cheney rules the roost in the Senate. I wouldn't assume Bush has unlimited power to promote pork, but he certainly sets an agenda.

I think that partisan politics and posturing gets in the way of solving problems. Most of the real issues confronting the US have no ideological component but are invariably hijacked for one side or another. This is what I mean by characterizing it as "broken." Bush agrees, by the way. Or at least says he does.

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