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Øyvind, Bergen

I'll not comment much on this. Most of the points you make are quite valid, I think. Your advice is also good, though SOS Rasisme has every reason to be outraged.

When it comes to point number one, though, SOS Rasisme can be considered what is called a judicial person, i.e. not a physical person, but still a person after the law.There is plenty of precedence for this when defamation is concerned.

mr big dicks hot chicks

I honestly don't want to be part of Canada. I've lived there for five years of my life, liked the people, didn't understand all the talk about Canadian culture, but thought it was a little depressing.

mr big dicks hot chicks

# If I were going to speculate, I'd guess that the individuals knew that they'd be turned back because of their views on Islam, immigration, etc., and decided to make the Israeli flag the center of the controversy.
# If someone is charged with defamation, they are likely to force SOS Rasisme to stipulate that it would be antisemitic to turn away someone from the march because they were visibly Jewish. The question will then turn to whether SOS Rasisme's reason for turning away the individuals is plausible.

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