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dr pants

I think the Bushies are in for a real shock. It looks like there is a constituent of voters who are not represented in current polls. That is, the 30 and under. Most I know don't have phones and most, I have heard around, are really up for Kerry. I think there are going to be some surprises next week.


I wonder what would happen, if there really was voter fraud in a US presidential election?

Something very close to that happened in Florida last time around, and according to reports I've read this year, it's about to happen again.

The people who should've paid attention in 2000 (media, Florida election officials) didn't care or didn't want to care (funny how that happens when the head honcho is the brother of the "winner"), and so nothing happened. It's truly amazing how people were illegally excluded from voting, but yet nobody got punished, procedures weren't changed and nobody raised a stink about it (well, other than some liberal kook exciled to UK where he can be safely ignored).

The founding fathers had an idea what to do when something like that happens, but I don't think a revolt would work in this day and age.

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