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Knut Olav

I disagree.

As a Norwegian turned American citizen. (And Republican voter, for that matter), I have seen a strong shift to the right in American politics since the mid-nineties, starting with the with huge victory for conservative Republicans in the Congressional elections of 1994.

This was a watermark moment, consolidating conservative power that is evident today. Republicans now control both houses of Congress, the Presidency, and a majority of govenors and state legislatives. And it's likely to consolidate even more in the upcoming election.

Just in the last weeks we've seen:
-New tax cuts implented by Presidendet Bush and Congress.
-Repeal of the Clinton assault weapons ban.
-Uprooting of the Ninth Circuit Court, the most progressive court in the nation, by Congressional Republicans.

Hardly a sign of progressives winning the agenda.


I think there will always be a conservative and a liberal movement in the United States.

What is interesting right now, however, is that more and more conservatives who have traditionally voted Republican have become disillusioned by Bush's fiscal plans.

Many even claim that Kerry and the Democrats are more fiscally sound than the Republicans have been lately. In addition, a lot of people have mentioned the fact that many of the conservative ideals Republicans have traditionally fought for have become a manifest part of American society and that they won't change overnight.

This is very good news for Kerry, especially when considering the fact that the traditional backbone of the Democratic party-- the liberals--has become increasingly discredited since 9/11...

ps. thanks for linking to me!

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