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You've laid out a fascinating grid of possibilities. Perhaps unsurprisingly I find "Jewish Renaissance" the most hopeful, and "Vanishing American Jew" the least hopeful. I'd be hard-pressed to decide which of the other two options is more beneficial; they each trouble me in different ways.

You have an excellent point that we need to find a way to bridge the gap between the Orthodox and the non-Orthodox worlds, and that we need to know what the "selling points" are for future generations. As my own Arrival Day post suggests, I think one of our problems today is that we focus too much on 20th-century political manifestations of Judaism, there by giving short shrift to the many other things Judaism has to offer. I hope we can broaden our consciousness in that regard; I think it's a prerequisite if Judaism is going to be, and feel, real and valid and viable in decades and centuries to come.

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