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Your comments on Galtung are spot on. I attended a lecture he gave at Bergen Student Society last winter, the topic for the evening being "The fall of the American Empire" (predicted by Galtung to take place within 20 years). He opened by stating as a simple fact that America has killed more people than Hitler. Since the Professor didn't present any statistics to substantiate this claim, I am not sure whether this figure includes the Nazis killed by US soldiers to liberate Europe, so that, among other things, self-styled Buddhists from Blindern can spread the gospel of pacifism without ending up in the nearest KZ-lager.

Anyhow, he spend a significant bulk of the evening talking about the Bush administration being in the hands of Israel, and how the alliance between Zionism and Christian Fundamentalism forms US foreign policy. One of the basic tenets of the Galtung creed is that all Americans are religious fanatics, hopelessly lost in a cultural backwater that "never experienced the Enlightenment". (Nevermind the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence and all that.)

Most depressing of all: the man received enthusiastic applause from the packed auditorium.

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