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Lynn B.

Excellent points. But . . . Wow! It's amazing how the misinformation campaign has successfully permeated and been absorbed, even by people who are thoughtful supporters of Israel. Leif, by no stretch of the imagination do the fences, checkpoints, soldiers, pillboxes, etc., exist to protect the "settlers." The fence, the checkpoints, the pillboxes, etc. exist to protect Israelis in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and Netanya from suicide bombers and to protect children on kibbutzim inside the Green Line from murderers with guns who want to shoot their children in their beds. They exist to discourage them from trying and to block their way if they do. Yes, the settlers do require protection too, but they do a lot of that on their own, using their own perimeter fences and their own guns and their own people. And if every settlement was uprooted tomorrow, Israel would, unfortunately, still need the fences and checkpoints -- probably even more.

Not to mention that many neighborhoods in Jerusalem itself are considered "settlements" by the palestinians, especially the Jewish Quarter of the Old City, for instance, but also Ramat Eshkol and French Hill, which were under Jordanian control prior to 1967. Some "settlements" (e.g. Maale Adumim) consist of thirty thousand people. I have a feeling these aren't the "settlers" you're talking about, though.

I've just discovered your blog, via Imshin and Shai. Glad I did. I hope to be a regular visitor.


Lynn - from what I understand, there are plenty of defensive measures that exist to protect Jewish communities within the "green line" (not including Jerusalem) - these include checkpoints, access roads, IDF sentries, etc.

Setting aside the issue of the defensive value of these communities themselves, I would imagine that most of the checkpoints, etc., exist to protect Israelis within the green line. My main point, in any event, is that these "settlers" need a lot of protection. Imagine how the world would react if Arabs living in the Galilee needed as much defending...

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