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Excellent post.


Good analysis of the problems over here, Leif. However, I don't think most of us see the long-term conflict in terms of actions that are morally indefensible.

On the contrary, I think that the majority of Israelis at the moment want nothing more than to physically separate from the Palestinians, to pull back to more or less the 1967 lines and finish construction of whatever fences/canals/moats are necessary to keep the Palestinians away.

This is certainly why the majority supports Sharon's withdrawal plan, even if the nutty wing of the Likud doesn't.

The fact that Israel gets criticized no matter what it does, certainly adds to the feeling that we just want to solve our problems unilaterally and have the world leave us the hell alone.


Shai misses the point that Imshin makes.
Which is even if Israel withdraws from the Gaza and digs a moat etc.. like Jonathan (Head Heeb) suggests....(not mentioning the amount of homes that will need to be destroyed to accomplish this) the Israelis will have to continue to go into Gaza to prevent further and further escalations of the conflict and in the process more Israelis and Palestinians will suffer and die as a result. How many Steta shoulder missile launchers do you need to cause a catastophe of "catastrophic" proportions to Israel?
How many airlines will then refuse to fly to Israel, tourists, businessmen etc...?

Further, the idea that Egypt and/or an International force will secure the Gaza is of course a pipedream. As Congressman Lantos pointed out if Egypt had been doing a decent job the IDF would not have had to go into Rafah in the first place, not to mention the PLO via Oslo.

As the Israeli General pointed out, the ONLY ONES who can secure the Gaza is the IDF and the IDF alone.

David Rubin

The problem with this post, and many of the responses is that you lay all of the blame on the Palestinians. The Occupation, and the State Terrorist policies of Israel are the problem. You prop up Israel like it is a victim of world condemnation, but it is for many viable reasons - illegal Occupation, Collective Murder, Collective Destruction, and continued theft of land, and these policies seem to be "okay" with the Israeli public. The is quite disturbing, and morally indignant. I agree that the militant groups have no right to target innocent Israeli citizens, but the IDF does not reserve the right to murder innocent Palestinians, which it does on a daily basis, and not think that by these "sick" actions that there will not be a response. So in summation, if the people of Israel refuse to take action to remove ALL of the crimianl elements in their government that perpetuate Occuaption, and the murderous policies of the IDF, then they will basically be keeping themselves in harms way, and running the risk of being boycotted by the rest of the world.

Leif Knutsen

This last comment is nothing but recycled propaganda - you use perjorative terms without doing anything to substantiate, treat dubious assertions as undisputable premises, and ignore certain realities.

Thanks for writing - now do some reading.

David R.

How can one ignore individuals like yourself who openly support State Terrorism. Your weak assertion that I am recycling propganda is your personal justification that there should be an occupation, and the IDF ( Murder Junkies) are some how?? acting in self defense. People of your ilk follow war criminals like Sharon, Begin, and Ben Gurion because you truely believe that Occupation, Subjugation, & Collective Destruction of indigenous people is truely justified for a greater Israel. Your warped, and sick - do some reading yourself!!


OK David, aside from several illiterate typos, I count several terms here:

"State terrorism," "occupation," "murder junkies," "war criminals," "collective destruction," "indigenous people," "greater Israel," that are utterly lacking in substantiation. They're merely regurgitating, yes, propaganda.

So thanks for proving my point.

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