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IMHO, this development is and order of magnitude worse for the US than not finding WMDs. The embarrassment, the hypocrisy. The loss of moral ground and the proof that barbarian behavior has nothing to do with how primitive and backward a society is and all to do with the human condition.

"Advanced" societies have historically shown some of the most cruel and inhuman conduct (England, Germany). Although I don't share the view, I can understand how radicals can spin this in the media like they've done. It is a very thin line and the US has a very thick paintbrush.

I agree with you that the reporting is uneven and the cries for condemnation are based on biased viewpoints. But they always are and always in favor of the underdog. That is precisely why this is so bad.

They should have known. They should be severely punished and it should be widely publicized. The US will certainly be punished for this mess, no matter how may apologies and excuses they come up with. You can’t put the worms back in the can.

Leif Knutsen

Well, it's an argument you can't win, similar in principle to the argument about Clinton's "fooling around" with Monica Lewinsky. Nobody's going to defend torture, or adultery, and you get accused of doing just that if you try to put things in perspective.

I don't think the US ever said its forces were infallible, just that they are well-trained both in the craft and law of war. Training, to state the obvious, increases the probability of doing the right things and doing things right, but it doesn't guarantee it.


So basically these prisoners were humiliated. And that's it. Nobody was hurt, nobody was tortured, heck, you can't even identify exactly who is in the pictures ..... and the world cries out in rightful indignation.

Meanwhile, a Palestinina armed with a machine gun executes a 2 year old little girl at close range. Arafat calls this "freedom fighter" a hero. And you could hear a pin drop ....

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