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January 30, 2008


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Love what u guys are doing!..Long live Israel!

th. mikael skanke

The greatest lack of historical knowledge among norwegians regarding "jewish suffering" is how "hyped up" it is compared to the suffering of other species and humans generally speaking.
It is also easy to see that the Zionist "Golem" is the cause of most conflicts and atrocities in the last 100 years, and has had, and have, a devastating effect on our world, from the first and second world war (including the suffering of the european jews), to to the current calamities, in central eurasia (from Gaza and Lebanon to Iraq and Afganistan).
This "golem" has created most of the perverse ideologies (like bolchevism, nazism and capitallism
) and promotes "antisemitism" as an excuse for its destruction of life and limbs, to create "lebensraum" and hegemony for the black sorcerers that created it.

(Sir; Your agenda smells of EVIL)

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